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Jeff Finley, Owner and President of Phoenix Contracting Services, Inc., has been working in the Phoenix area since 1979. His primary discipline was electrical, but as his business grew, so did the opportunity for trade diversification. In addition to holding an Arizona Electrical Contracting license, he also holds dual General Contracting and dual Air Conditioning/Refrigeration licenses.

Communicating clearly with our clients has always been a cornerstone of our business. As Jeff built trust with the community, clients were asking for third party inspections to validate the work being performed on their homes or businesses. To accommodate, Jeff also holds Certification(s) with the authority to inspect and render code compliant alternatives. If you have had work performed on your house by an unlicensed or licensed contractor, we can inspect to make sure it was done right.

Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial property, Jeff and his team at Phoenix Contracting Services can help.

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Maricopa County Building Codes

Please visit the Maricopa County’s website for a complete up-to-date listing of all building codes, including electrical.

If you have any questions, please let us know! We have been a team of trusted electrical contractors in Arizona since 1979.

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